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What I Learned from a Social Media Detox in a Cabin

cabin yoga retreat

Up North in Illinois it’s been raining and chilly all weekend, while back home in Nashville it’s already beginning to feel like summer. On my last day at the cabin the sun was bright all day, and the temperature, fifty degrees. Instead of taking one daily hike, Biscuit and I hit the trails twice—once in the morning and once in the evening. I called this trip my little retreat in a cabin… [read more]

My Healing Story

my healing story kate on dock yoga mat

As a health and wellness coach, you may think I have it all together. Truthfully, I’m still trying to figure out what healthy living looks like for my body. With time I’ve learned so much about what works for me, and I’m passionate about helping others discover themselves and listen to their own bodies… [read more]

The Health Benefits of a Plantbased Diet

When we know that 70% of deaths and morbidity are largely lifestyle related and preventable, it would be a great mistake to not do everything possible to live a lifestyle that prevents avoidable diseases. Even if you have a genetic predisposition, it does not mean the diseases will manifest. You have the ability to prevent and reverse disease through a plantbased diet… [read more]

Save the Planet Through a Plantbased Diet

Animal agriculture affects the planet in ways that can’t be ignored. Even eating vegan a few days a week can make a huge difference. Read up on the facts below and make a commitment to consume less dairy and meat, even if you don’t go fully vegan… [read more]

The How and Why of Being Vegan

vegan plantbased lifestyle

On a vegan diet, try to get a wide variety of whole foods to ensure you get plenty of nutrients. It’s likely that you’ll end up consuming more nutrients than ever before, but if there are any you want to keep an eye on it’s these: B12, omega-3, iron, and iodine… [read more]

Vegan Testimonials

We could read books and studies and watch documentaries all day long, but nothing helps us understand the benefits of a plantbased diet more than hearing stories from people who have actually been on it. Check out these testimonials from some of my vegan friends—and be sure to follow them on Instagram for healthy recipes and wellness inspiration… [read more]

Why Participate in Veganuary?

Veganuary is a one-month challenge to eat vegan for the benefit of the environment, animal welfare and your health. The daily newsletter will also include one of my favorite vegan resources, such as documentaries, cookbooks, Instagram accounts, and more… [read more]

Veganuary #plantsandchill Challenge

By joining this challenge, you’re on your way to transforming your health, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and to protecting forests and animals. Thank you for being here!! This is the ultimate page with everything you need to know about the Veganuary #plantsandchill Challenge… [read more]

The Daily Meditation Mindful Me Challenge

meditate daily mindful me challenge

Each month I encourage you to challenge yourself to be your best self! This month, I challenge you to meditate every day! Sign up for my Mindful Me challenge for an email every Monday in February that will include the following… [read more]

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