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Private Meditation Session

Book a one-on-one meditation session with a customized meditation and personalized coaching for your wellness needs. Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes and take place via Skype or in person.

Group Meditation Class

Book Kate for a meditation class in your venue, studio, or office. Schedule a free consultation to customize the class to your needs.

Class Structure

Everything that can be included in a class:

Introduction to the meditation with ancient & modern understanding

Instruction on how to do the meditation

Quick practice round


How to take your practice home and begin a daily routine

Benefits of meditation

Types of Meditation

Choose one type of meditation OR choose a few types for a sampler class

Present Moment Awareness: Focus is on the breath, and we practice returning to the breath whenever thoughts cross our minds. Counting is involved to help beginners focus on the breath more and thoughts less. Benefits include building overall awareness of the present. With repeated practice you will think less of the past and the future, and therefore worry less.

Body Scan: This is a popular choice. I guide the class/individual from the tip of the toes to the very top hair and help each person relax every part of his/her body. This is a great choice for relaxation, discovering areas of discomfort/pain, and for building present moment awareness. In this meditation, participants lie down instead of sit.

Guided Meditation: This can also be called Intention Based Meditation. There are many different kinds, but some great options include a guided meditation for building compassion for others, one for connecting to your ancestry and DNA, one for expanding your heart out to all beings, and one for achieving your goals. With a consultation I can provide a specific guided meditation for specific needs.

Mantra Meditation: Mantras are great for people who love music. It is not the meaning of the mantra that matters, but the sound. We repeat the mantra out loud and then quietly in our minds until we quietly let it go and come into a state of calm. Mantras often bring rapid thoughts into people's minds, and this can be a great thing because it helps you sleep better at night—your thoughts won't be racing before you go to bed.

Breath Work: Also known as Energized Body and Mind. Breathing techniques can physically alter our inner states and have great health benefits. This is a great interactive choice for beginners because it doesn't require long periods of sitting still. This is also a great choice to add into a sampler class.

Kate received her certification through mindbodygreen's online 200-hour meditation teacher training with Charlie Knoles.

Contact for meditation for beginners, private or group meditation, and wellness coaching.

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