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I Tried Floating And Here’s Why I Recommend It

I was thrilled to find Float Horizen in Nashville—a float studio with a salt therapy room and lots of relaxing vibes. Like most people, I was nervous for my first float. But when I got the rundown at Float Horizen those fears went away, and I was ready to try it out.

There is a shower conveniently placed in the room so it's easy to rinse off before entering the pool. And yes, I said "pool." While there was an option to get into an enclosed tank, I loved that the majority of the rooms were these small pools with tall ceilings and plenty of room to stretch out. I placed ear plugs in my ears to avoid getting water in them, and they worked like a charm. I also used a pillow that was provided to place underneath my head for a little extra support. Once I stepped into the pool I turned off the light (I had the option of leaving the light on if I preferred) and began to float. The amazing part is that there is so much salt in the water, and the water is at 93.5 degrees, so you really can't even tell where your body ends and the water begins.

I've heard many people say things like "but I'm claustrophobic I could never do that!" or "I'm too anxious to float in complete darkness and silence." Well, I have had my own bouts of claustrophobia, and I have anxiety. I used my meditation technique of extending my exhale and before I knew it I was calm and blissful. As I closed my eyes I remembered floating in the ocean in St. Lucia on a family vacation and the beautiful view of the pitons above me. In addition to the many health benefits of floating, I loved leaving with salt in my hair and having had the chance to spend some time in water.

The Health Benefits of Floating

When you think about, we are constantly using our mental and physical energy to counteract the force of gravity. Floating allows your body to be buoyant, which reduces the feeling of gravity by 80%.


The pool is filled with Epsom salts that are rich in magnesium sulfate. Magnesium sulfate is absorbed into the skin to detoxify the body.

Theta Mode

Take a moment to realize how much noise you hear constantly throughout the day, as well as how much you see. Think of all of the distractions in your life, including technology and the blue light it emits. By removing light and sound while floating, you allow the mind to use resources that are usually occupied with processing everyday life. While floating your brain will move into a dreamlike state known as Theta mode. You can reach Theta mode through meditation, but to be able to float for 60 minutes and experience an extended period of Theta is unparalleled. Theta mode is a state of healing, rest, and rejuvenation.

Stress Relief

While floating, your body will produce less stress hormones and instead release endorphins that will send you into a state of deep relaxation.


Floating increases your dopamine and endorphin levels, which will boost your mood and leave you with a post-float glow that will last for days. Floating is beneficial anytime you're dealing with stress or need to recover from intense workouts. If you've been struggling with sleep, drinking a little too much, or if you have been over stimulated in any way, floating is the perfect remedy.

Floating can also help with muscle and bone regeneration, hair and skin health, pain relief and recovery. Floating will boost your immunity and your fitness performance.

Floating reduces your risk of hypertension, anxiety, depression, fatigue, migraine headaches, and heart disease.

Ready to float?

Use code vq-574639 for 20% off a 60-minute float and 45-minute salt therapy session!

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